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Sunday, September 27, 2015

First time at the beach! Braces! Fun in art! and A new addition!!

Reilly went to the beach for the first time!!

the water was cold!

we were chasing hermit crabs!! :)

Danny before!

Danny after!

Gerri before!
(you can see how misaligned her jaws are from her arthrogryposis)

they had to put a palate expander in to spread her upper jaw to try to line her jaws up

i thought it was so cool to see the braces lined up ready to go in!

Gerri after!
(no wire on the top since we are expanding her palate for 3 weeks)

We have an awesome recs department here in our town
The kids are signed up for Ceramics, Fun with Art and Pizza Paint night :)
Victoria was so excited to see the blank canvas'

Victoria's first real picture!

Gerri's first real picture!
 Danny and Reilly had a Pizza and paint night, JUST for teenagers!
They were SO excited!!
Reilly adding her initials ;)

They were SO proud and had SO much fun!!
We were amazed how great they did!

Victoria and Gerri had their next art class and it was watercolors!! :)
Next week is clay!
We added another orphan to our family! :)
How cute is she!!! :) she was SO quiet, no barking,
she was just sitting there wagging her tail!

she is a 4 year old chihuahua/corgi mix
she was abandonded in CA and flown to MA just the week before we went to the shelter

first ride in my car to go to work! :)

she worked very hard! :)

Monday, August 31, 2015

First day of school!!

All ready!!

Obligatory first day pic on the couch!

My girls!!

Danny and Reilly are off!!

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

back to school tomorrow!

tomorrow is a very big day!
one child in third grad
one child in fifth grade
two children in seventh grade!!

we have been getting ready :)
we had a great summer, lots of fun, lots of playing, swimming and many different camps
They did a month of summer school, town summer camp, gymnastics camp, minecraft camp and two weeks of acrobatic rock 'n roll camp. They had a great summer!
Reilly's English has grown by leaps and bounds. She understands a lot more than she will say.
She is able to watch movies and cartoons and understand.
We did a tour of the middle school and she got to see the building, meet her teachers, see the woodworking class, metal working class, sewing room, cooking class, music classrooms, huge auditorium, large cafeteria, huge gym, library and computer lab. she was very impressed :)
She and Danny will get on the bus tomorrow at 7:12 am and they are both a bit nervous! :)
luckily they got to meet a couple of kids during summer camp. They are in different teams (meaning they won't have the same classes or teachers) but are in the same area and will see each other during the day and they will be able to have lunch together.  Danny will be able to help her understand what the food is. My guess is she won't eat much at first until she is comfortable.
(Danny had been in a special middle school program that we have just pulled him out of. We thought it was going to be a really good fit for him, but it turned out that they focused way too much on life skills and way too little on academics. The communication with us was not very good and we both felt Danny would be better served back in the public school system.  He is VERY excited about going to the middle school with his sister and seeing his friends from elementary school!)
But it also means two new kids going to the middle school! But they have been amazing to work with!
the girls got special hair cuts done! :)

I promise to take pics tomorrow before they head off!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Conquering Fears!

We went to a rope course and the kids were SO excited!
Reilly was not sure and we found out afterwards that she is afraid of heights! :(
But she went right up and DID IT! Same with Victoria, Gerri and Danny!
It was amazing to watch!
Getting buckled up!

lining up to head on up!
this course is SO cool!
walking along very gingerly

we DID IT!

Danny went everywhere! even the upper level!!
He was the only one!!

Reilly had a really hard time with this one and I had to talk her through it, but she did it!

Gerri had a really hard time with her legs, but she DID it too!!
had a bit more confidence and walked the balance beams!
we went out and picked up a chimera! :)

s'mores to celebrate!! :)

Friday, July 31, 2015

First Vacation!

all packed in the car and ready to go!
so thankful for video's!

everyone's clothes laid out for the next morning

our awesome suite! and we did not have to pay extra for children!

Reilly was very impressed with her first hotel stay!

they ended up bugging each other so much that Danny slept on the floor and Gerri got the whole thing :)
(she is SO smart! )

Super Lu was very tired from traveling

Super Lu is a good traveler - no food or pit stops!

she became a back seat driver :)
(are we there yet!?)

welcome to the reunion!

The kids promptly took out the camping chairs and cards!

go fish!

Lu helped cook!

Lu is a little loosey goosey! :)

she helped Reilly play cards

she really liked Danny's hat!

yah! Yogi!

can you see Gerri and Reilly's names? :)
Danny and Victoria wanted to pull out a sharpie and add their names, Reilly could not figure out why her name was there :)

best part was the golf cart!

go Ukraine!

Victoria's favorite part of vacation! Truman! :)

One of my most favorite people in the world!! :)

a tradition! :)

so much fun!

first s'mores! yummy!!

we put all the mattresses up in the loft and the kids LOVED it! :)
and we loved having them all up and out of the way!

almost all of the families there!

our Ukraine group! :)

time to go home! a bit punchy by now!

after vacation blues :)

when you have NO internet you have  a lot of emails waiting for you!!
omg! :) I hated to look at my phone :)

unfortunately we also brought some internal critters home from the yucky pool water,
it has hit Victoria and Reilly the most :( Victoria has had fevers and came to work one day, she was very helpful :)

while waiting on stool samples (yup - fun stuff) the girls are on this:

over all, it was a very vacation, the 11 hours travel split between two days was the only way to go, that was all the kids could take. we found nice hotels to stay at with pools and it was a great way to relax.

Reilly was confused why I kept getting and giving hugs and why there were so many kids from Ukraine there :)
but she did everything I did, swim, water slide, etc. fun fun stuff!!

her English has really come along now and one month home was a turning point.
The kids all just finished up a month of summer school and will have camps for the next couple of weeks, gymnastics, minecraft and acrobatic, dance camp :)